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For medium size companies that want the power of managing their customer engagements with multi-modal commuications

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For large enterprise customers looking for improved customer engagement across multiple divisions and locations with unique needs.

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One Platform. Unlimited Possibilities For All.

ReFrame Engage is a customer engagement solution designed for organizations small and large to connect with their customers or constituents anytime, anywhere, while providing the best customer experience. The solution empowers employees with faster, always-connected features like; an Advanced Appointment Scheduling Studio to configure and accept appointments of any kind with communication tools such as on-demand 2-way text messaging, internet calling, video conference, broadcast messaging, email, notes, document upload, all managed through a customer-friendly Customer Relationship Management system (CRM). The system is designed to promote both in office and remote productivity.


The Unique Solution that Works for Your Business

A unified Engagement Scheduling Platform for facilitating context aware communication and collaboration between customers and their customers including Text Messaging, Internet Calling, Video Chat, Email, Chatbot and more.


Engage is a platform that enables one-stop context-aware communication and collaboration for any industry looking to improve and streamline their customer interactions for any business services, while driving great customer experiences. The solution empowers employees to deliver effectively from anywhere, anytime using any mobile device.

  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Dashboard
  • Custom user roles
  • Self configuration
  • Personalized Engagement Booking
  • Group Appointment Booking
  • Outlook & Gmail Calendar Integration
  • Embedded Zoom Video Link
  • Customer Contact Details
  • Direct access to communicate with your customer
  • Transaction History Archive
  • Advanced Search
  • Notes, Forms, Correspondence, Records
  • 2-Way Text Messaging
  • Video Calling
  • Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet Integrations
  • Internet Calling
  • Inbound & Outbound Call Center
  • Internal Staff Chat
  • Broadcast Messaging
  • Outlook & Gmail Email Integration


Success Stories

The system is user-friendly for both our office and the customer, and the support received by the ReFrame team has been wonderful. The text messaging notification allows for quick text alerts to faculty and students.

CUNY School of Medicine

The ease of use my customers have when scheduling appointments and the communication tools in an all-in-one platform has really helped streamline our business!


We can custom tailor appointments for important services, such as Apostille and Notary services, Candidate Filing Elections, and in-person licensure applications, providing customers dedicated face-to-face assistance without waiting or being asked to return.

Nevada Secretary of State

We run a small Orthopedic office and the ReFrame Engage System has greatly improved our customer bookings and ease of communication. The Gmail integration allows us to manage our customer appointments more efficiently!

Ortho Logic Services

The Reframe Engage system completely turned my business around with always connected features for my customers. This all-in-one solution has streamlined my bookings, Text messaging and Video calling for private consultations!

Beauty by Design

By providing the public an easy and efficient way to schedule engagements for any type of service, we have greatly improved our customer satisfaction. The ReFrame system makes the impossible, possible.

Town of Newberry

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